Shovels & Rope | Boulder Theater | 3/9/18


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Scenes from “An Evening with Shovels and Rope” include: A baby’s carriage in front of a tour bus adjacent line that wrapped around the block; the look of confusion from fans as they pile in to find this general admission show to be completely seated; and Carrie Ann Hearst and Michael Trent taking the stage in pink velour matching dress and suit.

Shovels & Rope does what they want.

Michael Trent & Carrie Ann Hearst | Shovels & Rope | Boulder, Colorado

This artistic liberty was palpable in the sold-out Boulder Theater. The dynamic duo (excuse the Cliché) switch instruments nearly every song and display their jack-of-all-trades style that can make a simple four-count drum beat feel improvised and new as Carrie Ann hits the ride with a rumba shaker. This may be no surprise to many, but this tour seems to be a strong signal that Shovels and Rope are going to be here for a while. This intimate show featured songs that they don’t often play, a few new tracks, and some classics reimagined, “Because we don’t remember how to play a lot of our songs” joked Colorado native Michael. Standouts include a cover of Jump Little Children’s “Mexico”, a new arrangement of “Evil”, a debut “Come on Utah!”, and a “2017 year-end review” titled “Great, America” that exhibits a political side of the down-home duo that we rarely hear. This song is available for download and all proceeds go to veterans dealing with the challenges of brain trauma via Intrepid Fallen Heroes.

Shovels & Rope | Boulder Theater | 3/9/18

This tour is running through the summer. If you have a chance to catch a show it comes highly suggested.